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19 December 2022

We have been convening London Youth members to capture their insights on the cost of living crisis over the last months, and to advocate on their behalf with London and national policy makers. In Autumn we highlighted some of the economic realities facing a section of our member organisations in an article you can read here. We also recently invited our Youth Board to have their say at a recent meeting of the APPG for Youth Affairs, which you can read about here.

We also wanted to highlight a selection of some of the hubs, resources and networks that may be helpful for London’s youth sector in seeking further information and support. We will update this on a quarterly basis.


London Youth Networks convene members regularly around key issues affecting their work with young people. We engage members on cost of living pressures and wider policy issues in our Policy Advisory Group. We also co-chair the Young Londoners Coalition with Partnership for Young London, which seeks to amplify the voice of youth infrastructure providers across the capital.

Other networks holding webinars on cost of living issues recently include:

  • 4in10, London’s Child Poverty Network – a campaigning network of 400 London organisations  – coordinate and host a range of events on relevant issues, explore these here.
  • The Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition also held a webinar exploring the cost of living crisis.
  • Citizens Advice are running monthly sessions on the cost of living crisis. Take a look and sign up to their next briefing here.


Cost of Living Hubs

There are a number of cost of living hubs provided by a number of civil society organisations and public authorities. They provide comprehensive advice on some of the key issues currently facing the sector.



Mayor of London



Local Government Association


London Councils resources


Citizens Advice


London Funders





London Plus


Cost of living campaign to support students


Guidance on Household Support Funds  – which vary between London Councils (examples below).



BBC Children in Need


House of Commons briefing and links to resources

A full briefing can be found here.

If you’re hosting an event or sharing resources that our members should know about, please contact lee.ritchie@londonyouth.org or clare.macnamara@londonyouth.org. who can include in our future updates.

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