fbpx Commons DCMS Committee: The Social Impact of Participation in Culture and Sport Report - London Youth

14 May 2019

The Commons Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee have published the final report from their Social Impact of Participation in Culture and Sport Inquiry. You can read the report here.

London Youth’s submission to the inquiry is referenced in the final report. Our full response, which you can find using the link below, had the following key messages:

  • We strongly support the role of sports and culture programmes and consider them to have a significant and positive social impact, including in but not limited to the five key areas identified by the Committee.
  • We support a more coordinated approach to sports and culture by government departments and public bodies, particularly if it results in greater support for those charities already delivering these programmes.
  • Community youth organisations are vehicles for social impact. Youth organisations play a vital role in delivering universal, open-access sports and culture programmes amongst young people. They do this by providing fun and trusted spaces for young people to get active and express themselves. However, this is the start of their impact, rather than the end; young people can seek advice, access services, learn skills, forge relationships, develop personally, and find where they fit into their communities.
  • We support a community-led approach. There is value in proven programmes and in existing relationships within communities. Wherever possible, existing organisations, partnerships, and programmes should be supported, rather than creating new structures and systems.

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