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22 September 2014

Monday 22 September 2014

London Youth is pleased to confirm that we will be working with the Centre for Youth Impact (CYI) as an early adopter, along with Brathay and the Foyer Federation.

NCVYS, Project Oracle and the Social Research Unit will be working together through the Centre for Youth Impact, supported by the Cabinet Office (as announced on 5 September 2014). The CYI will focus on evidence, capacity building and practice development. It will also provide national leadership and a focal point for funders, commissioners, academics and providers. It will, finally, create an online portal, offering online and offline resources, connecting the sector to existing initiatives to support evidence building and impact measurement.

As part of the pilot phase of CYI, the three early adopters will act as 'gateways' into existing networks, both regional and national. CYI have selected London Youth and the other two organisations as early adopters on the basis of the following criteria:

  • compatibility with the vision and values of the centre
  • continuity and progression
  • added value
  • reach

CYI intend to work through the early adopters via a cascade model, including train-the-trainer sessions and workshops for wider groups of stakeholders. CYI are still working with all early adopters to shape this programme of activity, and will ensure that organisations outside the early adopter networks are also able to benefit from the work of the Centre.

The CYI will be launched officially in early November, when further opportunities to engage with the Centre's offer will also be publicisedBut watch this space for more information about London Youth’s involvement!

You can read an article about the Centre for Youth Impact and London Youth's involvement in Children & Young People Now Magazine here.  

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