• Thank you to our Dare Londoners

    Having worked with our youth board, Dare London, over the past three and a half years I have had the opportunity to see our young people grow and improve. We always recognise and celebrate these achievements but we can sometimes forget that after a long day at school or college that these young people are […]

  • From one youth worker to another

    How many of you have told someone that you are a youth worker and that person has replied “Oh that must be so rewarding”? I’m guessing most of you! The truth is youth work is rewarding and it is a very special career. We get to see the young people we work with develop and grow over […]

  • Considering different perspectives

    We were 20 minutes into our DIY escape room that we created to launch the 12th year of our youth board, Dare London. The young people were scrambling around the room looking for postage stamps that had little symbols on the back. Time was fast running out and the pressure was all the way up. […]

  • BBC: Washing out hate crime graffiti in London

    “We don’t tackle art, we tackle hate.” The BBC joined one of our East London Leaders groups as they worked to clean up their community. Click here to watch the full piece on the BBC website. 

  • National Fitness Day 2019

    Freddie, my 3 year old son has just started at our local school. He was telling me last night about how he’d wet his trousers…. And, now you’re immediately thinking where the link to a blog about National Fitness Day is? Stay with me. What actually happened was that despite all the rain, the pre-school […]

  • Inspiring girls into sport

    After the inspirational Women’s World Cup 2019 and some incredible performances from young women at Wimbledon, it feels like female athletes are getting the attention and recognition they deserve. I saw two great pieces in the run up to the world cup that raise awareness of women’s sporting achievements, push for greater equality and highlight the social pressures […]

  • The power of social action for all young people

    Today is Youth Social Action Day and it’s important to reflect on the power that social action projects have on the young people we work with though London Youth’s diverse membership. Our Youth Social Action programmes bring together young people from member organisations across London. For our member organisations it is about delivering quality projects […]

  • Celebrating World Art Day 2019

    Today is World Art Day, an opportunity to celebrate arts and culture around the world. Fortunately for me, I get to celebrate the diverse ways that people engage with art every single day. I feel incredibly lucky that my job basically consists of roaming around London visiting youth clubs, community centres, galleries, theatres and public […]

  • HuffPost: As Austerity Strips Public Services, These Volunteers Are Keeping Britain Running

    HuffPost have covered the vital role that volunteers increasingly play in supporting their communities, and the public services that those communities rely on, which have been impacted by a decade of austerity. The article profiled Suzanne Toprak, who has been volunteering for 17 years with London Youth member Metro Judo Club in south London. Read the full […]