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02 November 2020

This week Burberry announced it would support 15 London Youth members by providing unrestricted grants of around £10k and then programme grants of £12-£15k a year for two years. The support provided by Burberry globally is heartily needed at this time.

The grants will focus on alleviating hunger and helping young people growing up in poverty to catch up on education they would have missed out on during the first lockdown. In addition, there are provisions to support young people’s mental health during these difficult times.

Burberry and London Youth worked together to identify organisations that held a current London Youth Quality Mark (or were awaiting a site visit to confirm), fell between £110k and £250k turnover at the time of last statutory accounts reporting, and based within the 30% most deprived areas of London as determined by the Indices of Multiple Deprivation. A due diligence process assessing financial and operational viability was also carried out.

London Youth will publish the list of those member youth organisations selected for this grants programme when communication with each has been completed.

We are proud to be working with Burberry to support young Londoners most affected by the pandemic.
We are delighted to be working with Burberry on this new programme to support young Londoners most affected by the pandemic. The young people we are helping have been especially affected. Many have lost time at school, lost work experience opportunities, and many of their parents have lost work. It’s tough for them to dream big and think about their future. This crucial and timely investment from Burberry will enable London Youth to work with 15 youth organisations in the most economically deprived parts of London to meet young people’s essential needs. This includes providing meals, helping young people catch up on schoolwork they’ve missed out on during lockdown and providing support for their mental health.
Kawika Solidum, Director of Engagement

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Burberry is also partnering with English international footballer and youth advocate, Marcus Rashford MBE, in joining forces with charities supporting young people across the world, empowering the voices that will shape our tomorrow, and in support of his efforts to end child food poverty.

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