Bronze Quality Mark Resource Library

This Resources Library  provides information, guidance and useful resources that support your Bronze Quality Mark journey. Over time we will continue to add to this library as well as create similar pages for Silver & Gold Quality Mark frameworks.

The Resources Library is specifically designed to make it easy for you to locate the resources you need that will support you in meeting the individual indicators outlined in the Bronze framework.

For any of the resources marked EE – this will directly support the essential evidence needed in order to complete the Bronze Quality Mark.

For any of the resources marked AE – this will support the additional evidence suggested for completing the Bronze Quality Mark.

Featuring on the Resource Library 

We encourage our members to support each other and contribute to our Resources Library.  You can do this by:

  1. Sending us any useful links or resources you have discovered that others may benefit from (we will add them to the library). 
  2. If you are on your Quality Assurance journey and would be happy for us to feature one of your resources in our library, please reach out to the Quality Assurance Team on 

 We hope our this library resource is useful and we look forward to growing this element of our offer in future.