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04 December 2020

On December 5th Charlee will be shaving her head to raise funds for London Youth. She tells us a bit more about herself and why she’s chosen to take on this particular challenge for London Youth.

Hi everyone, I’m Charlee, I’m 27 years old and have lived in London my whole life, I am currently living in Brixton. While my day job is not charity orientated, I have always done what I can do help others; its grounding and humbling, and particularly in today’s world, really important. I do a lot of cycling, baking and drinking wine, and like most people, am missing the fact that we can’t go out and dance!   

With the government cutting youth centre funding over the past decade, it is clear to see the negative impact that this has had. I attended youth clubs myself when I was younger and enjoyed them a lot, it’s an opportunity to make friends outside of school and is a safe place to have fun and continue learning.  

I really wanted to raise as much money as possible, and with other more drastic options (marathons, bike rides etc) unavailable this year due to Covid, I thought shaving my head was a more logistically straightforward option while still being pretty challenging, albeit more mentally than physically. 

I really wanted to do something to help children and young adults. I have always believed in the importance of youth clubs in providing education, fun and a sense of community for young people, which is why I have chosen to support London Youth.  

Charlee has been raising money on JustGiving and has raised over £4,000 for young Londoners. If you would like to show your support for Charlee you can donate by following this link

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