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29 January 2020

Being one of the youngest Dare London members means that I have technically experienced less than the others. It means I haven’t driven a car before, I haven’t written a CV or even completed my GCSEs. But regardless, I am still quite positive, I go to school and I watch the people around me grow and learn with every passing minute. I watch them learn from their mistakes, make amends and develop into better people. It reminds me that every young person is different, but they all have one thing in common.

Absolutely everyone can flourish and thrive whether you are quiet or loud, energetic or shy, top of your class or bottom of your class, you can absolutely turn your situation around.

I said before that I was on the Dare London youth advisory board. Well some of my new closest friends used to once upon a time, throw chairs at the teachers or run out of school or let their friends down when they needed them most. The exact same people have now joined Dare London, been placed second at the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge, hosted the London Youth Awards and given a speech in front of hundreds of people.

young person quoteDare London is part of London Youth and focuses on young people from youth organisations having their say and experiencing new opportunities in London.  The advisory board is made up  of young people aged 13-25 from all around the London area and each belong to their own youth club. For example, I belong to Enfield Young Carers and, thanks to Dare London, I am able to take part in public speaking events, meetings and evenings where I can make my voice heard about how being part of my youth club gives me a break from my caring role, by offering me activities and trips to places I have never been before.

Being on Dare London has allowed me to grow as a person and develop my confidence and my capability to stand in front of an audience and present something I am passionate about, which I something I would have never considered before. It also reminds everyone that youth clubs are pivotal in the lives of so many young people to help them to grow as I have.

Everyone will have hardships, just like my fellow Dare London members, but it is essential to understand that they will overcome them as the generation before them did. With the right support from youth clubs when they need it most, all young people can and will mature into capable young adults. I believe my hardships are yet to come but I know that I will get through it because of the outstanding support I get from London Youth.

Just remember: absolutely everyone has the potential to achieve. Absolutely everyone has the possibility to succeed.

Vanshi – Dare London member

30th January 2020 marks Young Carers Awareness Day in the UK. Click here to find out more.

Click here to find out more about our youth advisory board, Dare London.

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