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18 February 2020

Bromley and Downham Youth and Boxing Club have been chosen as the winner of our first ever RED January competition – part of our commitment to supporting young Londoners improve their physical and mental wellbeing through sport and physical activity.

In total, 261 young people from six community youth organisations contributed over 1,000 hours of physical activity during January, everything from Acrobatics to Swimming, Boxing to Spin Classes and Kayaking to Fencing.

It’s been fantastic to see the RED community at London Youth grow in strength and support for each other! Thanks to their incredible fitness and fundraising efforts, now almost 150,000 people around country have kick started their year in a positive way, with £2.4 million raised to continue Mind’s life-changing work. ”

Hannah Beecham, Founder and CEO of RED January

By taking part in RED January we were able to get our young people to try more physical activities which they often avoid at school. Our spin/combat tasters allowed parents/carers to exercise with their children. It gave them a chance to socialise together as well as meet the wider community of our club. Because of the positive feedback we’ll be using the £1000.00 competition winnings to offer these classes on fortnightly basis moving forward. ”

Victoria Fairman, Youth Centre Manager at Bromley and Downham 

I haven’t exercised alongside my children in years. We had a really good evening and it has provided us with a joint activity we can do regularly without the cost of family pass. My legs hurt for days after! But it was worth it! When’s the next one! ”

A local parent

I hate exercise but doing exercise to music is so different. The class went so fast and I learnt a lot from the instructors. Me and my friends really like using the Hook and Jab pads. We didn’t stop smiling and laughing and were going to go to the next session. ”

  – A young participant

Ben Silver, youth worker at Bromley at Downham captured his RED January experience in a poem

The concept did challenge me

Change my ways for January

Burn a lot more calories

While working for my salary

Avoid the bus and walk to work

Walked so much my feet might hurt

Some of the others went berserk

So my duty I could not shirk

Fencing classes in the club

A part of youth work to truly love

Rather than playing the role of the judge

I got involved like an athletic does

Put my spare time to use instead

No time left to rest in bed

Lost more weight and I need new threads

My January was RED

At London Youth, we believe that every child is designed to move and that by working with and through community youth organisations we can ensure all young people receive the sport and physical activity experience that is most impactful for them.

To find out more how we can support your organisation with Sport for Participation and/or Sport for Development opportunities, please get in touch on john.jones@londonyouth.org

– John Jones, Sports Development Manager

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Linked to our RED January Competition, we are also part of a national campaign championing mental health awareness in sport and physical activityThis is working to ensure all community sport coaches, volunteers and young leaders are trained in mental health awareness. We’d really appreciate your support, you can signup via https://www.connectsport.co.uk/organisation/london-youth and just scroll down to the blue logo at the bottom of the page. Training for your staff can be accessed via ourselves so do keep an eye out for upcoming course details via our member news and website. 

Click here for more on our sports programme, Getting Active.

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