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26 June 2014

Thursday 26 June

Young Londoners have created and produced a short film with five top tips for running an environmental action project at a youth club. Sophie Hewitt, Environmental Action Officer at London Youth writes about how the film was put together and her personal highlights from the entire process:

London Youth works with young people in various ways: running programmes through our member youth clubs; organising large one day sports events and running two youth boards to shape our work, to name but a few. Yet this was a bit different.  

Firstly, it involved bringing a group together that didn’t already exist. Secondly, it was focusing on a topic – environmental action – that isn’t always the most appealing.

Many things were impressive about the way the young people approached this project and took it from start to finish, but three particular highlights for me were: 

1.       Amazing ideas  – ask young people and you will hear great things

The first part of the project involved creating the content for the film and with a blank drawing board the group worked together to reflect on their own experiences of what had engaged and excited them in the past to get involved in their youth clubs or projects. From just one session young people brought together 5 outstanding top tips which bring learning for anyone working on social action projects with young people.

The 5 top tips are:

·         It’s not all green

·         Make it social

·         Make it sustainable, but not just environmentally

·         Get Informed

·         Make it youth led

2.       Impressive skills – young people are truly multi-talented

The next step was turning these top tips into a story board, followed by actually doing the filming. Throughout this process the young people involved displayed a huge range of skills that would impress and inspire anyone.

Francine, Igor, Rajid and Anthony were all central to developing the tips and creating the film content, finding the balance between passing on the message and making it fun to watch. In a particular three hour session (on a Friday night no less!) they all showed some serious resilience to turn five tips into a succinct three minute film.  

Bethany and Nabhaan, among many other abilities, demonstrated real acting skill (as you can see for yourself in the film) showing their understanding of just how to pass on a message, displaying genuine creativity.

Michael, Katrina, Jody and Michael, all dived in (at short notice) to feature in the film and showed real confidence, that would be the envy of many, as they took on a script and agreed to be filmed.

Last but by no means least, Francis, the film maker and editor brought a creative, relaxed and professional approach. He has been involved in both the Dare and Talent Match London youth boards and this film gave him the opportunity to demonstrate his skill as an outstanding film maker and photographer.

3.       Real Passion – young people taking the lead on the environment

With climate change being one of the most important issues that the world faces today, and with young people being the ones who will inherit the problem, it was so positive to see a group get engaged with the topic and really try to tackle how best to encourage others to get involved and run their own environmental action projects.

I knew it already, but being involved in making this film has reminded me how passionate, resourceful and creative young people are.


For the full picture, check out the film below

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