London Youth member Local Village Network (LVN) have developed a free app to increase awareness and visibility of services and support available for young people.

The LVN App allows organisations to promote their opportunities for young adults in one place, making it easier for young adults to find relevant support and discover new interests, events and training. You can promote your opportunities on the LVN app to directly reach the young adults who need you. They can filter the opportunities on the app to find exactly what they want and can click through to your website, or you can allow them to contact you directly through the click of a button. We encourage members to take advantage of this free resource and apply for a login code to upload your activities on the dedicated LVN youth signposting app. The app can also be used by detached and outreach workers as part of engagement tactics.

To post your opportunities on the app, complete this form: Application to Upload to the Local Village Network Youth Signposting App (

For more information, see Promote Your Youth Opportunities | Local Village Network (LVN)