Young Ambassadors

All members of our Youth Board act as Young Ambassadors.

It’s important to us that young people’s voices are heard on their lived experience and on the issues most important to them.

Our Young Ambassadors are regularly involved in our policy, in media engagements and at events. They represent London Youth and their peers from across our membership.



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Coming of Age in the Capital

Young people are facing huge challenges as a result of the pandemic, but too often their voices go largely unheard in the mainstream.

As part of our new campaign, we’re giving young Londoners a chance to share their perspectives, ideas and lived experience. We’re working closely with a group of Young Ambassadors to develop their voices and provide them opportunities to represent the views of young Londoners.

Over two years, our Young Ambassadors will go through a programme of training, take part in speaking opportunities and create digital content. At a time of uncertainty and change, it’s vital that young Londoners have their voices heard.

Read our Young Ambassadors’ latest blogs here >

This programme is funded by Trust For London.

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Other achievements thus far

So far this year, young ambassadors have taken part in the following opportunities:

  • Presented the Youth Action Celebration Awards
  • Co-designed London Youth’s Programme Evaluation Framework
  • Co-designed London Youth’s Mental health programme for youth workers
  • Shortlisted and allocated grants to members for Good for Girls, Sports for Development Grant, Young Creators, City Leaders, Youth Involvement Seed Fund, CVC Summer Grants 
  • Consultation with the NHS Children & Young People’s Transformation Programme
  • Sat on an interview panel to recruit a new Sports for Development Officer, Employability Officer, Head of Programmes 
  • Q&A on International Women’s day on ‘Breaking the Bias’ with CEO Rosemary and Deputy Mayor Debbie Weekes-Bernard and Launched their Girls will be Girls campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day  
  • Co-delivered on our Young Creators Taster Day in Barking, Dagenham and Hackney 
  • Sat on the Good for Girls Social Action Pitch Panels & City Leaders Pitch 
  • Comedy & Confidence training with comedian Anna Devitt  
  • Jordan and Dylan ran the vitality 10k for London Youth!  
  • Carried out Peer Research for the Sports for Development Learning Grant
  • Finn ran an event at Surrey Docks Farm called ‘Nature what’s the point?”
  • Young K&C Memberspotlight video
  • Consultation for the Government’s Department of Media and Cultural Studies inputting on the most important issues that a new, 10-year national mental health plan needs to address – alongside other key stakeholders such as youth workers, UK Youth, Mental Health Foundation Our response – 10 year plan for mental health and wellbeing for England – London Youth
  • Wrote a blog and ran a Youth Board session to celebrate World Mental Health Day  called the ‘Green Chair’ by Amina
  • Wrote a blog called Proud to Be by Kalliyah for Black History Month
  • Wrote a beautiful blog about ‘Mindless Scrolling’ for Time to Talk Day by Maria
  • Attended a Coming of Age – Campaigns residential
  • Attended 11 in person Youth Board Meetings