Young Advisors

A group of young people from our youth board went through an application process to become Young Advisors for London Youth.

These young people have each chosen to specialise in a particular area of our governance, and as a result they have paired up to attend our Membership, Finance, and Assurance Committees, and join at least two full trustee board meetings a year.  Whilst in their committees they participate fully and contribute to the discussions and decisions made. They are also regularly mentored by our trustees based on their interests and how they want to develop on the board.

We are dedicated to ensure youth voice is heard at all levels of our organisation and we are continuously reviewing and improving this within our governance.


Our Young Advisors 2020-2021


Young Advisor


Young Advisor


Young Advisor

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Young Advisor


Young Advisor


Young Advisor

Achievements thus far

So far this year, young advisors have taken part in the following advisory opportunities:

  • Sat on the recruitment panel for our Membership Development Manager and our Membership Development Officer
  • Helped shape HeadStart Action through a roundtable discussion on race and identity in the UK
  • Participated in 1 Trustee meeting
  • Participated Assurance, Finance and Membership Committee meetings
  • Helped London Youth decide on the priorities for our network events
  • Took part in a consultation with the Sports team on what training can be offered to young people
  • Attended 1 Young Advisors meeting in which they began to plan our first youth board alumni network (launching soon)