Dare London Opportunities

UK101 Leadership Programme

What is it?

UK101 is a free, online leadership development programme that explores the concept of UK101 Leadership. As a participant, you will learn alongside a diverse group of peers to develop your own UK101 leadership skills through interactive exercises, engaging articles, and discussion forums. You will also hear stories of UK101 leadership from a wide range of senior and emerging leaders, such as a migrant rights activist, a social entrepreneur, a scientist, an Extinction Rebellion organizer, a former NHS doctor, a mother and daughter duo, and the head of a university business school. The programme takes between 4-6 hours which you can complete at your own pace during the 6-week cohort.

Who can take part?

UK101 is open to all young people in the UK, ages 18-25.

The only thing these young people will have in common is their generation; some will be in employment, some not; some studying, some caring; some finding their way, others already making their way. Some in cities, others in rural communities. Many will be passionate activists, others will be discovering their own causes or quietly volunteering.


The programme is completely free of cost, and runs every two months. The programme takes between 3-6 hours and you can complete it at your own pace. The next upcoming cohort is 17 August–28 September.

Register now for the next cohort.


The programme is hosted online. If you are enrolled, you can log in here.


Make  a Video about your Experience of Lockdown

We would love you to make a video about your experiences during lockdown for London Youth’s website.

If you are interested, please make a short video answering the following questions:

How have you been coping during lockdown?

What challenges have you faced?

How have you stayed connected to other people?

What is something you have learned from this?

What is something you are looking forward to when lockdown is over?

You can find some helpful tips for your video here.

Deadline: Send your video to Kadisha or Shaz via email or WhatsApp by 3rd June 2020


London Youth Microgrants

A chance to apply for £400 to run your own project in your community. You’ll have 1-2-1 support from London Youth to help make it a success!

Deadline: Next round May 2020

Apply at londonyouth.org/microgrants or fill in the form below.


Create Comms Content for London Youth

We’d love you to create blogs that we can use on www.londonyouth.org/dare-london, on our social media pages and throughout our networks.

If you are interested in sharing your experience of  COVID-19 and how it has effected you as a young person, we’d love to hear from you.  Please complete the form and let Kadisha or Shaz know if you’d like some support with this.

Here are some ideas for your blogs – you can come up with your own too!​

  • What it’s like to grow up in London today…
  • If I was the Mayor of London for the day, I would…. 
  • If I was a newspaper editor for a day, I would publish a story about…
  • What makes youth clubs special?
  • My message on behalf of all young Londoners across our diverse city is…
  • Here’s how to make young people feel safe…
  • Whats its been like running my own social action project using the London Youth Microgrants…
  • Why Dare London is important to me…

Get started on your own or fill in the form below if you’d like extra support with creating this. Email it to Kadisha or Shaz when you’re finished.



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