Dare London board members

Our Youth Advisory Board

Dare London is a youth-led collective of young people aged 13-25, who together support the work of London Youth. They represent young people from different backgrounds, living in boroughs across the capital. Each of them belongs to a youth organisation within our network so they know firsthand the positive effect youth work has.

They are passionate about representing youth people’s views, pushing for change and better opportunities for their fellow Londoners. They represent London Youth at speaking and parliamentary events, in the media, as well as being actively involved in the running of London Youth, sitting on recruitment panels, as peer researchers and as Quality Mark assessors.

Dare London 2019-2020 

So far this year, members of Dare London have:


For more on what Dare London have been up to, please read the blog posts below. They’ve been written by London Youth staff as well as members of Dare London themselves.