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04 November 2020

What are the new restrictions?

As of Thursday 5th November, new National Restrictions apply in England. You can find the Government guidance on the new lockdown restrictions here. Until at least 2nd December, you should:

  • Stay at home, except for specific purposes.
  • Avoid meeting people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.
  • Close certain businesses and venues.

What does this mean for the youth sector?

Unfortunately, these restrictions mean another significant disruption to face-to-face youth work delivery, similar to the first lockdown from March. The Government guidance states:

Some youth services are able to continue, such as 1-1 youth work and support groups, but most youth clubs and groups will need to cease for this period.”

When it comes to considering any form of face-to-face delivery in this second lockdown period we are asking all London Youth members to reflect on the updated NYA Guidance (please see below) and use your professional judgement on what is needed and safest for your young people, but, also your staff, volunteers and wider community. All London Youth members should consider what they feel most comfortable with, and risk assess accordingly before commencing any face-to-face delivery as outlined via the updated NYA Guidance. Where you are able to proceed safely and in-line with the guidance, the use of our employability, sports and social action programmes can be used as long as they directly respond to the needs of the young people you have identified as vulnerable. Where you move services and support online, please discuss with your London Youth programme lead about how this relates to delivery agreements you have in place.

COVID-19 Readiness Level: Red

The National Youth Agency (NYA) have confirmed with the Government that the youth sector will operate at COVID-19 Readiness Level Red.

From Thursday 5th November, NYA guidance for the youth sector where settings are COVID-19 Secure permits the following activities:

  • Online and virtual youth sector delivery
  • Detached and outreach (outdoor support)
  • 1:1 support for young people (indoors)
  • Drop-in 1:1 triage services
  • Delivery of Support Groups for vulnerable young people (additional restrictions apply).

Please note: that Support Groups are different from ‘bubbles’ under COVID-19 Readiness Level Amber and additional restrictions apply, including:

  • There is no definition of a vulnerable young person, this is left to local professional judgement. Support groups can take place if it is reasonably necessary for the group to be physically present at the session.
  • Attendees must be formally invited to attend a support group at an agreed time and location.
  • Groups must be no larger than 15 including staff.
  • Providers are only allowed one bubble at a time in their venue regardless of the size of the venue. Other staff members can be on-site for work purposes (in an office, cleaning etc).

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