For young people in Enfield, Haringey and Waltham Forest

YouthLeads is a new youth leadership programme that will enable young Londoners to develop the life skills they tell us they need the most. The programme is free for clubs and young people. Over three years, we’ll work with 240 young people in 12 youth clubs across Haringey, Enfield and Waltham Forest, supporting them to develop and deliver structured activities, gain practical experience of leadership, and grow their confidence, networks and communication skills.

Many young people in these boroughs face barriers to becoming successful adults – changing demographics, localised poverty and criminal activity, and cuts to statutory youth services resulting in them having nothing to do. YouthLeads will make a difference for these communities by creating positive activities for local young people and developing their skills.

National Lottery Funded

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    We’re looking for members to participate in the programme, and initially recruit 5 young people with leadership potential. Firstly, we’ll take these leaders and their youth workers on a residential, away from their normal environment. Back in their youth clubs we’ll support the young people to plan activities. The projects will focus on supporting a wider group of their peers from their club or community to develop life skills, and we’ll encourage the young people to partner with another organisation.

    Then we’ll bring all four teams together to a local venue where individual teams will pitch their project to a community panel in order to access a funding pot of up to £700. We’ll then support each team to deliver their projects, engaging a further 15 young people along the way.

    YouthLeads will end with a final residential with the original 20 young people reviewing their learning, celebrating their achievements and completing an accredited youth leadership course. Support will be given to all participating members, with an additional £500 per organisation provided to cover staff costs.

    If you’re a London Youth member working in Enfield, Haringey or Waltham Forest interested in getting involved, please email Beth Adams, Youth Action Delivery Officer at

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