City Leaders

Together, we want to support 300 young people to take their first steps on a journey that will benefit 30 communities across London through young people taking action in their youth clubs. Working with the reach and resources of the City of London we believe we can create something impactful that can help shape the future of London.

  • How does it work?

    We will take groups of young people through three progressive stages, starting from where they are at, and challenging them to further their skills at each stage:

    1. For ‘Team Leaders’, young people work together to run a group activity and learn about teamwork. At Hackney Quest, a club which has served the needs of young people in Homerton for 25 years, a group created a photography project to document their lives. They bought second-hand cameras and were mentored by a local volunteer.
    2. At ‘Club Leaders’, young people develop and lead a project to improve their youth club. A group at Prospex, a club specifically set up in response to gang problems around the Caledonian Road in Islington, noticed that classic board games were very popular and helped young people develop their concentration and encouraged them to talk to new people. So the group sourced more board games for the club.
    3. At the ‘Community Leaders’ stage young people design their own project to have a positive impact on the community. They pitch for the resources and support needed to deliver the project at a Dragon’s Den style ‘Community Challenge’ events with City of London partners.
    4. The final stage, called ‘City Leaders’, then works with a group of 24 young people who’ve shown the greatest commitment through the Team, Club and Community Leaders stages of the programme. These 24 aspiring leaders will take part in a three month leadership programme tailored to their needs and designed to help them learn about power and influence in London, understand themselves and how to work with others better and develop project planning skills through running their own self-led projects.


  • The Background

    London is a fantastic city full of opportunities but for young people growing up here it is not without its challenges. We believe that young people, when given the opportunity and support have the passion, talent and commitment to help us overcome these challenges. Working in partnership with the City Bridge Trust and the Corporation of London, City Leaders will see 30 teams of young people within youth clubs and a cohort of 24 inspirational leaders supported to lead change in their own lives, clubs and communities.

    Leadership is a much overused and misunderstood concept. For us it is simple. It is about understanding yourself better and having a vision for a more just future; being passionate enough to bring others with you on that vision; and having the skills to make it a reality.

  • How can my club get involved?

    We are currently recruiting for City Leaders – please see further information about how to get involved with your club here.

    If you have any questions about the programme then please contact Sophie Hewitt on 0207 549 8817 or via

  • Mentoring

    City Leaders Mentoring Opportunities

    In order to give participants as rounded an experience as possible, we are looking for enthusiastic and open-minded Mentors to pair with participating youth clubs. As a Mentor you will use your experience and energy to support groups and young people, giving valuable exposure to a different part of London. We have two roles that Mentors can take on relating to different stages of City Leaders, or a Mentor could take part in both stages. Details on these roles are outlined below:

    city leaders mentors

    Mentors can take on the Community Mentor or Future Mentor role, or both. We would expect at least monthly contact between a Mentor and their youth club from January through until either April or the end of the summer. As a Mentor, you will receive training from staff at London Youth, covering the programme in more detail, key skills for your role and safety and safeguarding.

    Skills we are seeking in mentors include:

    • Coaching or active listening skills
    • An interest in young people in London
    • Commitment to mentoring through the programme

    Benefits of being a mentor include:

    • Building relationships with young people through youth clubs
    • Understanding relevant issues for young people
    • Connecting to a community based youth organisation.

    Due to an amazing response we have fulfilled our quota for mentors this year.  If you have further questions please contact



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