Our Quality Mark

We are committed to high quality youth work and would like to support your organisation in achieving the highest standard you can. The Quality Mark provides your organisation with a badge of excellence, recognised by local authorities and funders. This scheme is accredited by City and Guilds and, uniquely, involves young people in the assessment.

Key Features

Accredited: co-delivered with UK Youth and accredited by City and Guilds.

Youth focus: our quality offer has been developed specifically for youth organisations.

Grants: there is currently an unrestricted grant of £5,000 for achieving the Silver level or £7,000 for achieving the Gold level provided by City Bridge Trust for non-statutory organisations. Members who achieve reaccreditation of silver or gold after three years are awarded £3,000. Each organisation will be able to claim one award. 

Areas of Assessment

Involving Young People; Health and Safety; Outcomes for Young People;

Partnerships; Safeguarding; Leadership and Management;

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion; New Improvements; Staff and Volunteers.

quality mark

Quality Mark Levels

  • Bronze focuses on the policies and procedures that organisations need to have in place to ensure they operate legally and in a safe and safe environment. 
  • Silver targets the opportunities provided to young people, as well as their training and support provided to staff and volunteers.
  • Gold is a badge of excellence for youth organisations that are committed to continuous improvement through the involvement of young people in their organisational development.


In 2015 the external evaluation of the London Youth Quality Mark found that: 

  • 81% of organisations implemented formal continuous improvement processes as a result of completing the London Youth Quality Mark.
  • 84% now have a robust, regularly reviewed set of policies in place.
  • Meaningful involvement of young people in decision-making increased, with over two-thirds of organisations now involving young people at a high level, up from half of the organisations previously. 
  • Participating organisations also reported that the London Youth Quality Mark helped to motivate staff and volunteers, helped generate funding and increased clubs’ influence with local stakeholders

Interested in finding out more?

Contact our Membership team on membership@londonyouth.org or 020 7549 8800