GIVE young people the opportunity to…

  • make the most of their talents through a range of creative activities like music, theater and dance at their local youth club
  • have their voice heard through opportunities to participate in the debates about policy and service provision that effect them
  • laugh and have fun in a place they feel safe with the support of a trusted adult and among their friends and peers
  • reach new heights and have adventures outdoors at our two brilliant outdoor education centres, Hindleap Warren and Woodrow High House – did you know we subsidise places for our member clubs making it affordable for young people within our membership
  • create change in their community with opportunities to design, deliver and lead their own youth action projects in their club and local neighborhood
  • access amazing work experience where they can test and see what career path is right for them
  • take the lead in making London a fairer city for us all through leadership training and opportunities to experience power and influence in the city
  • try something new like fencing, non contact boxing or one of over 30 sports and activities offered as part of our Getting Ready Programme.

Your donations help us to support over 25,000 young people each year, and reach tens of thousands more through our membership network. This would not be possible without your generous contributions.

Every donation gives young people in London the opportunity to succeed. No matter how big or small your contribution will make a huge difference to young people in our capital.

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