Woodrow Activities

Outdoor Activities

  • NEW FOR 2017! High Ropes - Jacob's Ladder

    * September 2017 onwards *

    Our High Ropes element challenges small teams of climbers to pull together to navigate their way up a giant ladder of horizontally suspended logs with ever-increasing gaps between the rungs. Teams will have to effectively communicate with each other to decide on the best course of action, and support each other to overcome fears and reach the top.  Recommended participant age is 8 years +

  • Challenge Course

    A series of highly physical and mental challenges involving creative thinking, teamwork and peer support to complete.  Teammates support each other through tunnels, along monkey bars and across our traverse wall. Please note, the use of individual elements are subject to group ability and age.

  • Low Ropes

    Low Ropes consists of a series of challenging activities taking place just off the ground, as well as an enclosed wire bridge across a dell. The session is designed to promote teamwork, trust, and communication skills while getting the most out of your group in a fun and challenging way.

  • Nightline

    A step outside the comfort zone for some and a development opportunity for all. Blindfolded participants must negotiate a course of small obstacles with just a rope and their teammates for guidance. Highlights the need for clear communication and presents leadership opportunities for all.

  • Archery

    Learn a new skill while working as individuals and as a team. An Archery GB qualified instructor will lead this session, ensuring participants set personal goals and understand how to improve their accuracy.

  • Orienteering

    We introduce basic mapwork skills and allow the participants to work together to find markers in the spread out around our 24 acres of grounds.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    A good way to let off steam and explore the site – scouring the grounds for answers. Frequently used as an orientation exercise upon arrival.

  • Woodland Walk

    Get out and explore the surrounding area with some of our team. We follow a route through local woodland spotting interesting flora and fauna along the way.

  • Team Exercise

    We have a variety of problem-solving exercises which can be adapted to suit each group and fulfil the aims of your visit. This provides an excellent opportunity to develop teamwork, co-operation and leadership skills.

  • Raft Build & Race

    A double session. In the first session, your group will learn some basic knots before dividing into smaller groups working cooperatively to build rafts from the equipment supplied. During the second session, these are taken into the pool and raced in relay fashion. The rafts are small and are not designed to be sat on. There is usually time for some free swimming at the end. The session is supervised by a qualified lifeguard. This activity is only suitable for guests over the age of seven and swimwear must be worn.


  • Pioneering

    This session provides a group challenge, working in small teams to construct a simple structure using poles, ropes and a bit of ingenuity! All knots and techniques are taught within the session.


Creative Activities

  • Djembe Jam

    We introduce basic drumming skills and rhythms, playing as a group and learning to jam as well as being creative, with individuals developing their own ideas.

  • Rocket Build

    Customise a simple plastic bottle into a fearsome water rocket by adding nose cones, fins and other personalisation, then blast them into the air using one of our rocket launchers.

  • Drop It, Pop It!

    Work in small teams to construct a device to protect a water bomb dropped from 2 a height. Limited resources combined with imagination produces some fantastic contraptions!


Sports / Sports Hall

  • Swimming

    We have an indoor, heated pool on site which may be booked by your group for a free swim session, some instructed games, or a mixture of both. There is always a qualified lifeguard in attendance. This activity is only suitable for children over the age of seven and swimwear must be worn.


  • Wacky Races

    A selection of fun and silly races and competitions which can take place inside or outside. A good chance to let off steam!

  • Parachute Games

    Using our large and colourful parachutes, our instructors will lead a variety of fun games and activities to keep everyone involved and active.

  • Sports

    We can offer a variety of outdoor sports using our 3G all-weather pitch or other green spaces. This may be run by our instructors or by your leaders. Please specify which you prefer.


Explorative Activities

  • Pond Dipping

    Explore the natural habitat of our pond and see what you can find. This activity works best in May to September.

  • Minibeast Hunt

    Take a walk around site with our instructors to explore habitats and eco-systems to see what creepy crawlies you might find. This activity works best in May to September.

  • Bushcraft

    These two elements can be combined as a whole morning or afternoon, or may be taken on their own as standalone 90 minute sessions.

    Fire-lighting and cooking – Includes an introduction to basic survival techniques including fire lighting, plant recognition and basic cooking.

    Shelter building – Construct a natural bushcraft style shelter focusing on creative thinking solutions and types of construction, requiring teamwork to produce a result in the time allowed.


Evening Activities

  • Campfire

    A fantastic evening activity where the whole group comes together around a fire and is entertained by singing songs, playing games, telling jokes and, if you are feeling brave, to hear a short version of our ghost story. You are welcome to bring your own marshmallows!

  • Ghost Story

    As you may know, Woodrow has its own resident ghost called the Green Lady. During this session you will hear the ghost story and see relevant parts of the house and grounds including, where possible, a trip to our listed 18th Century grotto.

  • Disco

    We have a sound system and disco lights in the cellar and a variety of popular music so everyone can dance to their heart’s content.

  • Quiz

    A 40 minute quiz delivered to participants in a team environment including different rounds and challenges including sport, television and music.

  • Wide Games

    A mixture of outdoor games played in teams over a wide area. Boundaries are defined and the teams set tasks, traditionally pitted against each other and requiring stealth and planning.

  • Manor Mystery

    A Cluedo style mystery! Six characters are under suspicion and it is the group’s job to interrogate the characters and collect the clues to find out who is the guilty party. This session is facilitated by our instructor posing as detective. Your group leaders can join in too, acting out the suspect roles.


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