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Woodrow High House creates powerful opportunities for over 6,000 young people every year. Outside the classroom, we work with young people beyond their normal environment with a lasting effect on personal and social development. 

The vision for Wonderful Woodrow is to safeguard our superb house and grounds for the next 30 years so that young people from all backgrounds can continue to enjoy it.

After two years of hard work planning and fundraising we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now raised £861,417!  We are enormously grateful to all our supporters.

As well lots of improvements that won’t be immediately visible, like work on the roof, some of the ways Wonderful Woodrow will improve the House and Grounds will be

  • A newly painted house restored to its former glory
  • A new one way system and improved resurfaced car parking facilities
  • Redecorated Sports Centre changing rooms
  • A new fully accessible nightline activity


  • The young people who benefit

    51% of young people growing up in inner-London do so in poverty and, as such, are more likely to underachieve at school and less likely to visit places outside their local environment (Connexions 2006).

    We subsidise groups from member youth clubs who have achieved a Quality Mark, typically from disadvantaged areas, who from September 2013 will pay only 50% of the true cost of a visit. Such an opportunity is vital when seen in the context of the inequality of opportunity for residential trips in school – the greater the level of disadvantage, the less provision (Power et al 2009). The contrast between the built environment of inner-London and space of Woodrow High House is marked.

    For our school visitors, Woodrow provides the profound opportunity to discover that although a child may not shine in the classroom or on the sports field, in a different setting they are able to show their true underlying potential, sometimes for the first time ever in their lives.

    Woodrow High House is also well used by London Youth’s own specialist teams. Over the last 12 months, for example our Sports Development team have run a handball residential using Woodrow’s Sports Centre. By the end of the weekend participants had gained both a recognised sports coaching qualification and a Level One Introduction to Youth Work qualification. In a little over 48 hours they got an opportunity to try out a new sport and to improve their chances of accessing employment.

    This January, with a similar focus on employability, our Youth Action team ran aprogramme to train young people as young trainers so they could deliver work for London Youth and have a better chance of accessing work elsewhere.

    It is an ideal space for the residential components of training for the next generation on youth and community leaders. For aspiring leaders and developing youth workers, Woodrow offers a powerful place for reflection and learning – to the future benefit of thousands of young people who will come under their care.

    Woodrow also welcomes many special needs groups to stay with us or visit for the day. Our fully accessible facilities and activities means that everyone can get involved and make the most of their time with us.

  • Why it matters - the value of residential and informal education

    What we do is enjoyable: it is also educational. Youth workers and teachers speak powerfully of the great good that can come from a residential trip.

    Benefits are seen in terms of increasing individual confidence, trust between peers and relationships with leaders. And because we bespoke courses to the particular needs of visiting groups and work with accompanying adults over many years we ensure shared experiences at Woodrow reinforce learning and development back home.

    Our belief in the value of what Woodrow offers is based not only on our own experience and observation: hard evidence equally attests to the benefits of informal education, beyond the school gate and home communities.


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