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Woodrow Swim School’s philosophy is that swimming is always learnt best in a structured, safe and caring environment with friendly teachers. Above all we want swimmers to enjoy the water.

Our successful and thriving Woodrow Swim School is based at Woodrow High House on Cherry Lane (off the A404) near Amersham in Bucks.

We run a comprehensive and progressive programme that starts with introducing babies from birth to the pool and continues for children and adults of all ages and abilities.

At Woodrow Swim School we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our lessons run during the school terms with excellent pupil:teacher ratios. Teachers stay in the water until children can swim five metres and we have a qualified lifeguard on poolside for all classes.

Swimmers receive a progress report and will frequently be eligible for an award from the Swimming Teachers Association at the end of each term. All teachers who work for Woodrow Swim School are ASA or STA qualified, keep up to date with regular training and hold an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service.

There is a viewing area at the deep end of the pool with tables and chairs and vending machines. We have single sex changing rooms with showers and toilets. The Swim School is in the grounds of Woodrow High House a beautiful 370 year old manor run by London Youth.

Boy and girl in swimming pool


Call us now on 01494 432 433 to make an enquiry

Or if you’d prefer to send your questions through online, use the form below:

We offer:

  • Term-time classes - Under 3s

    Through a series of planned activities we will help you and your baby to feel comfortable in the water, providing a foundation for further swimming instruction as your child becomes older. Each session lasts 30 minutes and takes place with the pool temperature of at least 31°C, usually higher.

    This class involves learning through play, involving songs and games and does involve parental participation.  Bath time is a great time to practice becoming comfortable in the water together.

    Adult and child lessons take place on Wednesday mornings, Fridays in the early afternoon and on Sunday mornings too.

  • Term-time classes - 3-18s

    We run lessons Monday – Sunday at a number of convenient times.  You can even have your children with different abilities swimming at the same time (dependent upon ability and availability).

    Excellent pupil : teacher ratio

    We offer excellent pupil : teacher ratios to ensure that every child receives a lot of attention.

    Teachers in the water

    Teachers are in the water until children reach Swimmer 1.  We feel that after this stage children learn best with the teacher on the side as this gives the teacher a better view from which to correct their strokes.  However, if needed, teachers will go in the water for any level.

    Siblings can swim together

    We run different class levels at the same time meaning that wherever possible, brothers and sisters can swim at the same time

    Friendly, experienced and qualified teachers

    Many of our swimming lessons will have two Level 2 Swimming Instructors; a fact that, to our knowledge, is unique to us.  Most of our Swimming Teachers have been working with us for a number of years and all of them keep their qualification up-to-date by regularly attending courses and training sessions.

    Badge and certificate awarded every term

    All swimmers are able to purchase a badge and certificate at the end of each term (subject to meeting the required criteria).

  • Term-time classes - Adults

    At Woodrow Swim School we offer one to one tuition, lessons in pairs or small groups of similar ability people.

    Age should not be a barrier if you want to learn how to swim, we will teach adults of all ages and abilities in a relaxed and friendly environment.

    Our programmes are designed for adults who lack water confidence and are non swimmers. We also cater for confident swimmers who want to improve their technique and also for adults who can swim but want to work on skills and stamina – so there are classes for everyone. Lessons are planned in advance by swimming instructors but they will adapt their plans to suit individual needs within the group.

    The maximum number of swimmers in a class is 12.

    Group lessons for Adults take place on Wednesdays 7.45-8.45pm and are at the same price as the children’s ½ hour lessons.

  • 121 tuition

    Private 121  (or one to two) tuition is available for children and adults that are perhaps nervous, struggling on a specific stroke or simply want dedicated attention. Teachers will go in the water if desired or needed.

    Many students opt for personal 121 lessons so that they can improve their swimming ability in a similar way to adults improving their fitness by using a personal trainer in the gym, allowing the instructor to really focus on your specific needs.  You can be yourself, and can express any fears you may have with your instructor, rather than being concerned or embarrassed about what others might think.

    During term time, 121 tuition takes place every Sunday between 12.30pm and 3.30pm

    We also run 121 lessons during all school holidays; please see the School Holidays Classes page for more details.


    One-to-One lesson – £36 per ½ hour

    One-to-Two lesson – £25 per person (£50 in total) – swimmers must be of a similar ability for One-to-Two lessons.

    Please contact us on 01494 432 433 to find out more.

  • October Half Term

    Crash Courses

    We will be running crash courses during October Half Term – Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July

    Crash Courses are beneficial if general practice is required; and are particularly beneficial if a child has just moved up to a new class, to give a preview of the new skills which will be taught in the next level and to give a head start in their new group.  Many also use these as a taster for our classes and as a way to assess their child’s ability before enrolling onto weekly lessons with us.

    Our timetable is:

    Preschool and Non-Swimmer 1 at 3.45pm and 4.45pm

    Non-Swimmer 2 at 3.15pm and 4.45pm

    Swimmer 1 at 4.15pm

    Improver 1 and Improver 2 at 4.15pm

    One to One Lessons

    Private tuition is available for children and adults who are perhaps nervous, struggling on a particular stroke or simply want dedicated attention.  One to Ones are very specific to each person.  If there is something you would like extra work on or something extra that you would like to learn, one to ones may be the answer!

    Many students opt for One to One lessons so that they can improve their swimming ability in a similar way to how many adults improve their fitness by using a personal trainer at the gym, allowing the instructor to really focus on your specific needs.  Adults, you can be yourself and can express any fears that you may have with your instructor, rather than being concerned or embarrassed about what others may think!!

    One to Ones can be booked as one off sessions or as a course depending upon the progress you desire.

  • Find your swim level

    So that we can run classes that are pitched at the right level for all members of the group, we make sure swimmers find the appropriate swim level before they begin their first class.

    For younger children aged birth to 4 years, we initially categorise swimmers into ‘Adult and Child’ or ‘Preschool’ groups. Once children turn 4 they are able to enrol onto our ‘Non-Swimmer 1’ class and when they are confident and comfortable in the water they are ready to move into the ‘Non-Swimmer 2’ class where they learn to swim.  Once children can swim and are confident in the water they move through our groups up to Advanced 2 continually building on and developing their swimming skills.

    Please click on the ‘Find your swim level’ pdf for further information about what each class involves and to help find your child’s level or contact the team on 01494 432 433 or by email (helloswimschool@londonyouth.org) to find out more.


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