Our Family Swim session is a great opportunity for you to take your children swimming in a warm, supportive environment. Open to everyone, whether your child has lessons with us regularly or not.

This session runs most Sundays from 3.45pm to 5.00pm. Check this page for an update to find out if Family Swim is running on a particular weekend.

The more swimming you are able to do between lessons, the faster your child will progress.

Family Swim Update

Family Swim will be running on the following Sundays:


We regret to inform that Family Swim will not run on Sunday 3rd December due to ongoing maintenance issues.

10th and 17th December


Adults £5.70

Children £2.50

A family (two adults and up to two children) £13

Safety Guidelines:

A lifeguard is on poolside at all times

Under 5s must be supervised in the pool on a 1:1 basis by a responsible adult aged 16 years +

Children aged 5 – 8 years must be supervised in the pool on a 1:2 basis by a responsible adult aged 16 years +

This means one adult could bring two 6 year olds, but could not supervise a 4 year old and a 6 year old.  This would require two adults.

Bear in mind especially if you have three children and two are under 5, you would need three adults to accompany the three children.

Please note: all children under four years of age must wear a double nappy.  A double nappy consists of a disposable or reusable swim nappy covered with a neoprene nappy such as a “Happy Nappy”.  We hold limited stock of Happy Nappy nappies at reception.