Day Courses

Our day courses offer a high impact, affordable and exciting experience for a variety of ages and can be booked all year round.

Our dedicated day course centre has conference rooms and classrooms as well as showers and changing facilities. We are able to design and tailor each day course to meet the outcomes you wish to achieve. Whether its team building, problem solving, developing communication skills or a fun day out, we will help you create the visit you want.


  • Schools

    A day course at Hindleap is the perfect way to get your students outside of their normal environment and into the outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of the Ashdown Forest in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

    We can tailor your programme to achieve your desired outcomes for the visit, whether your day focuses on the national curriculum or your school ethos and values. It may be you want to split the day and have half the day in the classroom supported by half a day of high quality learning outside the classroom.

    Our day courses provide the space for teachers to facilitate curriculum learning and utilise our professional outdoor education instructors to engage students in fun and exciting outdoor adventurous education. This could include activities such as Pioneering and Team Challenge that will help your group develop communication and team building skills or adrenaline filled activities on our High Ropes courses.

    For further information please call our Development Team 01342 822625.

  • Youth and Community Organisations

    Looking for a great day out for your group? Want them to experience the thrill and excitement of the outdoor adventurous activities, then a day course at Hindleap is perfect for you.

    All our activity programmes are tailored to the needs and outcomes of each group. Whether your day focuses on fun and adventure or is built around outcomes you wish to work towards for funders. Our day centre rooms can be used to deliver your own activities combined with Hindleap activities creating your own bespoke progamme.

    This could include adrenaline filled activities such as Zip Wire and Crate Stack through to exploring nature in Forest Adventure and team building in Team Challenge.

    For further information please call our Development Team 01342 822625.

  • Adults & Corporates

    Why not take a day out from the office and enjoy the beauty of our 300 acre woodland in the Ashdown Forest and the fun and thrill of being outdoors.

    Whether it’s a fun away day for your team to undertake challenging adrenaline filled activities on our high rope courses, or a day reducing stress levels by exploring the forest, our day courses are the perfect way to step away from the day to day business of your work environment.

    We are able to build our programmes around your group to work towards the outcomes you wish to achieve, these can include:

    • Team building and development
    • Personal and group reflection
    • Management and leadership
    • Group dynamics
    • Care and support
    • Fun

    We are within an easy reach of London, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells and other areas of the South East and have conference rooms in our dedicated day course centre available for your use.

    By using Hindleap for your work away days you are helping London Youth support its network of diverse community youth organisations that serve young people of all backgrounds right across the capital.

    For further information please call our Development Team 01342 822625.

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