Impact and Learning

London Youth is always learning.

And over the last three years, we have been on a learning journey with our members to progress our collective understanding of what works, so that we can say with confidence that the work we do makes a positive impact.

We want the young people who attend our member clubs and take part in our programmes to become healthy, employable and socially responsible. To achieve this we believe each of our individual programmes contribute to young people developing confidence and agency, resilience and determination, and other qualities that will help them build strong relationships and become leaders.


With thanks to…

Thanks to the generous support of Esmee Fairbairn we will continue to strengthen our approach to learning and use this as the basis for developing and testing new solutions to unmet need, as well as evolving and improving existing practice.


  • Good youth work works

    Back in 2011 we set out what we believed to be the value of good youth work through our publication, Hunch: a vision for youth in post-austerity Britain. Our ‘hunch’ was that quality youth work, delivered in a place where young people choose to go, leads to broadened networks and increased confidence, character and skills. Yet until recently, it remained, for the most part, a hunch, without robust data to back it up.

    The findings from our first attempt to actually test our hunch, is captured in our summary report Good Youth Work Works? which can be read here. To review the full datasets please read the detailed learning report here.

    We can now clearly state that the visible changes we see in young people as a result can be demonstrated, and therefore shared so that practice and policy improve, and there is greater investment in what works.

  • Defining success

    As an organisation we have tried to be at the forefront of showcasing the value of good youth work and its effectiveness and impact.

    Having worked as an early adopter with the Centre for Youth Impact during 2014-2015 we started supporting four of our members with doing this for themselves. We are now pleased to be able to roll out and scale up this work to 20 members in the next two years through Defining Success thanks to support from the City Bridge Trust.

  • Tim Saunders

    As you would expect I’ve done monitoring and evaluation training every so often over a long period of time, just to see if there is anything new.  I can remember being bored to tears at the last one I did and that was only a day.  At last, something sensible on Evaluation.  Evaluation is usually the bit that’s left off and it’s all about monitoring.  Not this time. I got plenty out of it.


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