Kirsty lives in Eltham. She started volunteering as a member of Dare London, London Youth’s Youth Advisory Board, in September 2012. As part of the board Kirsty is one of 25 young volunteers that help London Youth be an organisation that remains engaged with the needs of young Londoners in all aspects of its work.

After volunteering on Dare London for four monthsKirsty was asked to join the London Youth board of trustees along with two of her follow Dare London members, as well as help to host the London Youth’s Annual General Meeting in 2013.

Outside of Dare London Kirsty also volunteers at one of London Youth’s member organisations,Samuel Montagu Youth Club in Greenwich. Every Monday and Wednesday evening she helps to run the open youth club sessions.

In just a few months Kirsty’s confidence has grown so much and she now puts herself forward for opportunities that come up where she wouldn’t have done so in the past.

Kirsty said, “I got involved in Dare London to help battle the public perception and bad stereotypes that many adults have about young people. Also I want to help encourage and inspire young people to make good decisions and find pathways for themselves.”