Charlotte is 19 and volunteers at her local youth club (a London Youth memberorganisation), Alford House in Kennington, as a Volunteer Assistant Youth Worker.

Whilst volunteering 60 hours over a three-month period Charlotte helped to plan and deliver several art sessions for the young members of the club, whilst doing so she completed her Level 2 National Open College Network (NOCN) Accreditation in Learning from Volunteering.

Charlotte said, “When I first started doing my volunteer work, I didn’t really think I struggled with a lot besides my confidence. Before I started doing my volunteering at Alford House I realised that I was quite an easy target for bullies because I would always keep my head down. But now I’ve volunteered there, the people I work with have helped me to boost my confidence and self-esteem.”

After completing her Level 2 Accreditation with London Youth, Charlotte plans to continue her voluntary work with Alford House.