How to build a fairer London?

We’re asking young Londoners what change they want to see in their city. We gave young people the opportunity to discuss and network with other youthorganisations at our free event in association with the London Fairness Commission.

Youth event

The young people were invited to express their issues with society in groups. There were 4 groups at any one time which meant they were able to leave and join new topics as they wished. This created diverse conversation and interesting viewpoints. Topics that were discussed included house prices, the media and lack of opportunities for disadvantaged young people.

It was apparent that the group want sustainable change. They’ve been asked several times for their opinion but don’t feel heard. It is clear change will not happen overnight, but a little difference over a length of time is better than none.

This event and others we plan to host are about empowering young people as well as promoting engagement in society. We want to knock down any barriers young people feel they have stopping them communicating their voices. We hope this genre of event creates an excitement around politics that young people don’t currently feel involved in.

The London Fairness Commission will be including the views discussed by these young people in their final summary report which will form recommendations to the London mayoral candidates.

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