City Bridge Trust Quinquennial Review

10am to 1pm

City Bridge Trust are a significant funder and long time supporter of London Youth and many of its members. As part of City Bridge Trust’s Quiquennial Review, London Youth will be hosting a special consultation with its members to give you the opportunity to share your views with City Bridge Trust on their work and how you would like them to work in the future.

City Bridge Trust hopes that this meeting will allow them to hear your views on the following, broadly speaking:

  1. What kind of funder do we need to be from 2018 onwards; learning from what we do now and thinking about the approaches we will need to adopt in the future?
  2. London should be a city that works for everyone: how do you make this a reality, and what role does CBT have to play in achieving this?
  3. What is CBT’s role and place within the London funding ecology; and how do we use our assets to their best effect?
  4. How do we balance the concepts of interdependence and independence when working in a system; whilst ensuring that Londoners are at the heart of it all?

If you have any questions about the event please contact Holly on To sign up please go to our event page here.

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