Changing and emerging needs among young londoners

The environment for young Londoners and those providing services for young people is changing rapidly and the needs of young people and the challenges they face are beginning to change as a result – particularly in relation to gentrification in inner city boroughs and growing need and under resourcing in the outer boroughs.

At first glance the reduction in overall poverty levels in boroughs like Hackney could indicate that things are improving across the board in Inner London – however we know this isn’t the case. Instead demographic changes are masking continuing poverty for many and are an indication of a greater divide for those living in these communities.

Three of the four most problematic boroughs across a range of indicators are in Outer London and our own initial research shows, under the strain of cuts to local authority funding and the increasing numbers of young people in these boroughs, that existing provision is not ready to meet this increasing need.

Find out what this really means for young people across the capital. Using the impact data we have collected from the past three years and hearing from guest speakers we will demonstrate how you can utilise your existing resources and efforts to have the greatest impact for young Londoners across the capital.

Where: 47-49 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6DA
Cost: Free

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