Young People’s Foundations

London Youth is actively supporting and championing the role of new structures emerging in London boroughs which aim to support and foster the development of the youth voluntary sector in partnership with other organisations in their local area.

Leading the way in a growing number of boroughs are newly established Young People’s Foundations, which have emerged to provide infrastructure support, access to funding, partnership building and capacity development. And in other London boroughs, different structures are also emerging, often backed by Local Authorities, and with the same purpose – to ensure young people across London have access to high quality, joined up and sustainable services so they can have fun and experience new opportunities with their peers outside of school and beyond the family.

We want every young person in London to access great opportunities within their local community, through our network of 300 voluntary organisations. And we recognize the vital role that these new borough-wide organisations can play.

London Youth will be welcoming these organisations into its network during 2017, offering a range of benefits to help them develop, work with each other, and most effectively complement the huge number of individual organisations operating all over London, every day to offer great support and challenge to young people.

  • Partnership building and practice sharing

    We’ll be facilitating a range of ways that Foundations and other borough based organisations can share practice, create partnerships, solve problems and advocate together. These will include regular meetings for Chief Executives; a web based information store; social media and other networking; and bespoke events on key issues, with policy makers, funders and others with influence.

  • Support on quality and outcomes

    We will support the Foundations and others to develop and implement effective quality standards to support their new systems and processes. London Youth’s expertise in delivering the nationally recognized London Youth quality mark will be vital in ensuring that Foundations have access to expert support in this area.

  • Brokering of services and support on specific challenges

    From monitoring to funding; governance to recruitment, we will offer support to help these new organisations deal with the challenges they will face as they grow. Listening to their needs will be essential to this, and we will respond, and draw in support from relevant experts, funders and partners.

If you are interested in being part of our network, as an individual organization, or as a Foundation or other borough-wide body, please contact or give Lee a call on 020 7549 8800.  We’d love to hear from you.

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