About Us

London Youth is a network of diverse community youth organisations serving young people of all backgrounds right across the capital.

Our mission is to support and challenge young people to become the best they can be.

Our vision is that all young Londoners grow up healthy, able to navigate a fulfilling career and make a positive contribution in their communities.

We support them to develop the confidence, resilience and relationship skills they need to do this, delivering with and through our network of community youth organisations and at our two residential centres.

We work with all young people but place a particular emphasis on those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the kind of opportunities we offer.

Because good youth work works.

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  • Our history

    Since 1887, our team has worked with our member youth clubs to offer young people a wide range of high quality opportunities for learning and fun and to build strong trusted relationships with adults and their peers.

    We grew from the Ragged Schools movement of the 19th century, inspired by the simple idea that every young person, irrespective of background and circumstance, has something to gain from somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to.

    We spent the twentieth century as two separate charities, The Federation of Boys’ Clubs and The Union of Youth Clubs (which was pretty much for girls). We got it together in 1999 to create The Federation of London Youth Clubs. That’s still our legal name, though we prefer London Youth.

    Maybe more than a million of young Londoners have been through our doors at one time or another.

    We’re proud of our history. Not least because we are the inheritors of an awesome tradition – helping young people become the best they can be for more than 100 years. Youth work’s not a complicated idea. It’s just a very good one.

  • Our strategy and principles

    We want all young Londoners to have the best of this incredible capital city; for it to invest in their potential, encourage them as leaders in their communities, and open up opportunities for them to thrive.

    We deliver our mission through four strategic objectives:

    1. Membership Development – Developing, training, connecting and quality assuring our membership network to deliver good youth work
    2. Opportunity – Creating a broad and inclusive range of quality opportunities for young people in social action, sports development, employability and outdoor education
    3. Voice – Ensuring our expertise and the on-the-ground voices of youth workers and young people are reflected in public policy, practice and opinion
    4. Best we can be – Being the best we can be ourselves; fundraising effectively, financially robust and a great place to work

    And we strive to act in line with our four simple principles:

    • Honesty – about what works (and what doesn’t ) and we learn from our mistakes
    • Collaboration – with each other, young people, our members, and the world beyond
    • Improvement – committed to continual improvement
    • Fun – because we think people learn best when enjoying themselves

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