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Supporting and challenging young people to become the best they can be through hundreds of diverse community youth organisations and our two residential centres


  • Find out more about our two Residential Centres

    We work with children and young people away from their normal environment to create a profound effect on their personal and social development. Find out more now

  • What is it like to be a London Youth member?

    You will be offered a range of benefits, opportunities and support that’s right for you and the young people you work with. Find out more now

  • Find out more about London Youth training opportunities

    We support those working with young people to develop their professional skills and practice, delivering courses and development opportunities at al levels. Find out more now

  • A strong voice for young people and youth workers

    We want to raise the profile of good youth work, ensuring the views of young people and youth workers are at the heart of what we do. Find out more now

  • Giving all young Londoners a lifelong love of sport

    We offer young people high quality, fun opportunities for sport within their local communities. Find out more now

  • There are lots of different ways you can support London Youth

    Help us support and challenge even more young Londoners to become the best they can be. Find out more now

London Youth supports a network of diverse community youth organisations where young people choose to go.
London Youth supports a network of diverse community youth organisations where young people choose to go.

With unique reach to thousands of young Londoners, we deliver programmes with and through this network across London and out of town at our two residential centres.

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What are people saying?
  • Tim Saunders

    As you would expect I’ve done monitoring and evaluation training every so often over a long period of time, just to see if there is anything new.  I can remember being bored to tears at the last one I did and that was only a day.  At last, something sensible on Evaluation.  Evaluation is usually the bit that’s left off and it’s all about monitoring.  Not this time. I got plenty out of it.

  • Nathan Otto

    We chose to support London Youth as we believe some young Londoners get a rough deal. Whether it’s because of preconceived perceptions, upbringing or lack of opportunities”

  • Kathryn McKenzie

    Everyone I spoke to either on the day or as they were getting on the coach said what a fantastic time they had and how they were really happy to be part of the project and what a great thing it was that we were all doing it for London Youth.”

  • Kumar Ganesh

    It has been so rewarding supporting young people from our area to get ready for their [Athan 31] pitch. It has definitely strengthened relationships within the community and I have been happy to show young people that they don’t need to be scared of someone in a suit!”

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    6 November 2015

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